My practice was born from a love of color. The rainbow box of crayons from my youth that always brought me joy proved to be a foundation for an artistic profession that enthralls the eye. Today, I allow shade and hue to embody my works across a wide array of mediums, but primarily using pens and acrylic paints. As an adult, I was drained from the monotony of everyday life and sought to discover a way to reintroduce color to my world. In my pursuit, my works began to experiment with abstraction. I toyed and trialed with elements of indigenous art, street art, ink design, and geometric vector art, which has allowed my work to grow and evolve with each new iteration.

I had a revelation upon my encounter with dot art. Embracing the abstraction of singular points of paint, I found a way to connect my art, my love of bright vivacious color, and my own Quechua heritage. Tapping into my indigenous Peruvian roots intensified my use of bold patterns and lines and integrated symbolism such as sacred circles. Most significantly this influenced my rhythm of color. My experimentations developed into a series of unique designs formed through the application and manipulations of dots that seemed to morph the act of artmaking into one of meditation.

From this I developed rumikusi. The word combines the terms for ‘happy’ and ‘stone’ in the Quechua language and concisely embodies this series of work. Miniature mandalas emerge from stone, with elaborate patterns executed through seemingly deliberate and meticulous application of dots. However, these works are born from a sense of spontaneity, guided by emotion. My creations are based on a personal intuition and rooted in energy, experience, and environment. Today, I have expanded the rumikusi body of work beyond the stones and onto my canvases. As the process and practice evolves, I hope to extend the reach of my work and bring an enlightening spirit to new audiences and into people’s homes.

My work is energy. These kaleidoscopic visions offer an opportunity for reflection while inspiring an inner positivity. Each color is chosen to perfectly complement the others as I embark on a quest to reveal a specific sensation or memory through my abstractions. The layering of dots construct an alluring texture calling for viewers to reach out and touch. Combined with the entrancing pull of rich colors, each work becomes a sensorial experience. In these moments, a calming positive energy emerges transporting us to a meditative state. Just as I turned to art in my youth during quiet moments of introspection, my work today encourages us all to discover comfort in our own inner space.

My path as an artist has been one about finding my authentic self. A self-trained artist, I rejected traditional notions of technique, medium, and composition and pursued a craft that was particular to my message and my history. I am able to bring together the vibrant colorful energy of my ancestors and blend those notions with a nostalgia for the energetic colors of my youth. Art becomes the ultimate freedom. The freedom to experiment, to innovate, and most of all to be true to myself while inspiring others to do the same.