Kaleidoscopic art with a bit of whimsy

rumi + kusi = stone + happy

It roughly translates to “stone + happy” in Quechua, the language of the Andean culture. I started my journey last year painting miniature mandala stones, and even though I’ve moved onto canvas paintings, I’m still fond of these simple, happy stones.
My obsession with colors comes partly from my Peruvian heritage and growing up around the bright, vibrant hues of the Andes. There is nothing like walking through the rainbow-colored, kaleidoscopic, open-air markets of traditional Peru. Colors inspire me to combine and create, to chase the energy that unfolds as the pieces are completed. Colors and patterns were important to my ancestors and, not surprisingly, they’re important to me as well.
I use a technique called dot art, where the pattern is created intuitively, dot-by-dot, with inspiration drawn from my surroundings, emotions, and history.
I hope my artwork make you as happy as they make me. Feel free to contact me with any questions about my art.


From my older abstract paintings to my current kaleidoscopic dot art, see all my works here.

Color is my love language. 💜